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            I started this blog in November 2010 as an experiment since I didn't have much knowledge about blogging, but I tried it because it was free and it was giving me a much needed public platform to write. I created my blog on Blog on Blogger as http://bhavin-sangoi.blogspot.com/. I chose blogger because it was easy to operate Blogger than Word press for a novice like me. Later on when I became a regular and serious blogger I purchased a domain name and upgraded it to http://www.bhavinsangoi.com/ I haven't kept my photo on this blog because first I want to get known by my writing than by my looks. I will put my photo on this blog once I feel I have earned an identity as an author.
      Earlier this blog's name was "LOOKING FROM THE PERISCOPE" which is now changed to "Argumentative Indian" . The reason behind changing the name is, previous name was very odd one. People can't easily understand from the name of the blog, what kind of stuff they might get in the blog whose name is "looking from the periscope". Hence I decided to change the name of my blog. I found "Argumentative Indianvery suitable name for my blog since my blog mainly consists of arguments from the perspective of an ordinary Indian person on different sociopolitical and national-international  issues. I hope this new name will give familiarity about the content of this blog.

Content- I write my articles on various subjects like Psychology, Politics, Society, Women empowerment, Defence, Philosophy, Economics, National and International Problems etc. My articles include my thoughts, feelings, observations, opinions, experience and anything which I have heard, read and seen worth sharing. I also put some photographs and Cartoons to complement my articles. Majority of the photographs are taken from Google for which credit is given to it. If photo is taken from source other than Google than the source will be mentioned in the caption. The cartoons which I put on my blog are taken from the other websites with the prior permission of the cartoonist. 

     I take utmost care about whatever factual information provided by me in article should be correct to the best of my knowledge and wherever possible I also give reference of the original source/s. However I am also human and an unintentional error can occur from me too. If someone finds any factual error in my data than please kindly bring my attention to it, if the claim is found to be correct I will rectify my error. Except comments of the readers all the opinions and views expressed on this blog are my personal opinions and I take complete responsibility of it.
Readers- Readers are the most important thing after content for any blog. Those are liars who say I just write it for myself. Of course I write for the readers but I don’t write to flatter people. I write whatever I feel ‘is right’. However it’s not necessary to agree with me on all issue. If you disagree with me on any issue than you can inform me about it we can have an open discussion on it I will explain my point and person disagreeing can his/her. I would be happy if I can convince my view to the person and if I find my view to be erring after enough discussion than I am open to change my view as I am not a dictator who thinks he is always right. However when we don’t agree on any issue than disagreement will be the agreement between us. I am independent to hold my opinion and readers are theirs.

            After reading this blog if you find it worth visiting again than there are various ways by which you can remain connected with me. You can follow me on Twitter. You can also become member of my blog by signing into Google friend connect. You can join my Facebook page or Google+Page. You can also get my articles delivered in your Inbox by putting your e-mail id in the top box of sidebar. You can also subscribe to my blog via feed and stay updated. Apart from that you can also become my friend or follower on Stumble upon, Bloggers.com, IndiBlogger and Blogadda. If you think my article can be helpful for others, than the small sharing gadget is available in the Wibiya Toolbar in the footer by which you can share my articles on social networking sites or can also send an e-mail to your friends. 

No Commercialization-  I not only avoid advertisement on this blog but also avoid participating in any blogging contest which consists of endorsement of any commercial product. It’s not that I am communist who hates profit. There is nothing wrong in earning revenue from advertisement if the blog was created with that intention, but earning money was not the purpose behind creation of this blog. I earn enough money to live my life with dignity and this blog was created to explore the creative aspect of my mind. 

Privacy- I respect your  privacy and hence I assure you that whatever information you share with me during any communication such as your E-mail, IP address, contact number etc. won't be shared with anyone.

Copyright- This blog is ©opyright protected under copyright act 1957. Bhavin Sangoi is the ©opyright owner of this blog. No material can be published in print or electronic media (except sharing of link of this blog on social networking sites) without prior written permission of and due credit given to Bhavin Sangoi. Anything contradictory to this will be considered as plagiarism or ©opyright infringement and will be legally protested. To know more about copyright law click here.

        If you have any suggestions regarding content, template or any other thing which can help me to improve this blog you can contact me via E-mail id- contactme@bhavinsangoi.com. Your suggestions, remarks, praises, criticisms are always welcome on this blog since this blog is incomplete without you 'Dear Readers'.

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