Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Arunachal Pradesh: All is not well

      When India lost war against China in 1962 it led to huge uproar in parliament. Whole nation was angry because people (rightly) felt that Jawaharlal Nehru’s feeble foreign and defence policy was responsible for this fiasco. Finally Nehru was compelled to answer about this debacle in parliament. Nehru attempted to reduce the the impact of his blunder by giving a justification in parliament that “The land which we lost in this war was barren. Not a single piece of grain grows there and hence it is not a significant loss”. All the M.P’s were aghast to listen such a shameless justification from Nehru. No one had anticipated Nehru will descend so low. In those circumstances Rajaji stood imageup and removed his cap. He showed his bald head to Nehru and said “look at my head jawaharlalji it is completely bald. Not a single hair grows on my head like that barren land where as you say a single piece of grain doesn’t grow, but still I wear the cap to protect it from cold, heat and rain. Because even if it is bald it is my head and it is my duty to protect it. Similarly even if the land was barren it was our land and as a P.M of the nation it was your duty to protect it, but you failed miserably. Nothing can justify your inability".  

         I recollected this incident because in last month two important news came which did not bother many in India except few defence experts. 1) China started sea trials of its 68,000 ton aircraft carrier Varyag and 2) China deployed missiles capable of delivering nukes deep inside India along with Arunachal Pradesh border. China’s claim on 90,000 Km. territory of Arunachal Pradesh is not unknown to anyone. China's seriousness is evident from it's policy of allowing people of Arunachal pradesh in China without visa. China argues that Arunachal is their territory so people residing in Arunachal are Chinese citizen hence they needn’t require visa to enter in China.
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        China has built railway lines in Tibet and highways extending from the main land China to Sino-Indian border. China is also building various dams on Brahmaputra River by which India will not only loose 40,000 M.Wt of Hydroelectricity but whole North-East will become vulnerable to floods and droughts created by China. China is encircling India by building military bases and extending hand of friendship to neighboring countries of India like Pakistan, Nepal, Myanmar and Sri lanka. China’s affection for Pakistan is not hidden from anyone. Earlier China has given J-10 super fighter to Pakistan and now it is helping Pakistan to built Khushab nuclear reactor from which Pakistan can extract plutonium for its nukes.

             China is determined to amalgamate Arunachal Pradesh in their territory by hook or crook, on the contrary Indian government’s response to this grave situation is as usual lousy. We don’t have railway lines connecting Arunachal with the rest of India. Most of the roads are still as miserable as they were in 1962. Under the name of preparedness Indian government has started some infrastructural projects in last few years, however they are all far behind projected time. Indian Army had recently requested Ministry of Defence to form two special mountain division dedicated to play offensive against China in the course of war, but reports says Babu’s sitting in the MoD have raised objection on cost included in forming mountain division. Since last many years Army is demanding 1500 new Howitzers but because of Bofors ghost MoD is reluctant to buy new howitzers. In the mountain warfare Howitzer, Multi barrel rocket launcher and assault rifle are the key weapons. Howitzers are necessary to attack and neutralize enemy sitting on the top of mountain. The only silver line in grey cloud is recent awakening of Indian Air-force by opening air fields near Chinese border and  deployment SU-30 MKI in the Tejpur and Chusul airbase of Assam.

            In last 49 years our attitude hasn’t change much towards the security of Arunachal Pradesh. During 62 war our soldiers didn’t have enough bullets, snow boots and carbines to give an effective fight, even though situation is not that bad but even China isn’t remain Communist China of Mao’s regime. Today’s China has become super power which is even bullying U.S, leave India. Our Defence minister A.K Antony is famous for his indecisive attitude. Fearful of 3C’s C&AG, C.V.C AND C.B.I defence minister is not ready to take decision on even urgent issues, since he cares more about his blemish free image. Although government assures “all is well’, but how can we rely on their assurance when their various assurances given after 26/11 have been proved foul. 

          Just last month a merchant ship called M.V.Pavit accidently landed on Indian shores and remained there for 100 hours and neither Navy nor coast Guard had any information about it. Last week few terrorists came and carried on explosion near Delhi high court and security agencies are still clueless. Our so called 'honest' P.M Man Mohan Singh is already walking along the lines of Nehru. In 2009 when a question was raised in parliament about Chinese intrusion in India territory, he replied “It’s true that Chinese soldiers have penetrated into the Indian Territory but the intrusion was not of very significant nature”.


  1. I totally agree you,with there is no real democracy in India ,some people are remote controlling the government,Our P.M is weakest in the history.Most people at Delhi are unaware of local problems.All of them suffering from indecisiveness and sit  ver the problems by appointing committees /commission. 

  2. it is a dangerous situation...and with the worsening economic situation a war is around the corner...


  3. I am a congress party follower. But I support your views. In the past, India was a peaceful country, a county of prosperity. But We did not have defense strength. Result, various Persian muslim kings invaded India and looted India, reaped Indians. After many years, British came to India, they repeated the same instances for 197 years. Then India got her independence but power was given to congress especially to Nehru because he was a proxy for British rulers. British used to govern India remote controlled through Nehru till USA become powerful.  India is being remote controlled by USA till now. Nehru might be responsible for killing of Netaji Subhas Chandra Bose. Now China is getting powerful. Congress is blatantly allying with China ready to be remote controlled by Beijing. We do not have own culture but west culture because if we have our own culture in place then they will not be able to govern us by using culture. We do not have defense because USA does not want India to be power in defense. Congress do not want India to have strong defense because they want bribe in defense deals. So domestic defense production firms are not built. USA is controlling our economy by WTO. China & USA is still giving incentive to their exporters but India under pressure from WTO & USA had withdrawn incentive schemes. We are being remote controlled till date by USA & China in our Culture & Education, Defense, Economy & Foreign policies areas. Wake up India, Wake up. Truth is before us. We need to interpret it correctly and unitedly should take action against these corrupt, characterless, brokers of mother land whom we call ---POLITICIAN & LEADER. We should elect politician who are ready to die for our country. I am ready to vote 80 years old freedom fighter for these causes. Indian interest should be carefully nurtured.


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