My name is Bhavin Sangoi. I am an Indian staying in Mumbai. I have completed my graduation from Mumbai University in psychology and political science. Since I want to be an IPS officer, presently I am preparing for civil services exam conducted by Union Public Service Commission (UPSC). I also give coaching for UPSC and National Talent Search Exam (NTSE) exams. 

          Why civil Services? Many people ask me. I have always felt that the root cause of our majority of problems is the present bureaucratic system. If we can reform bureaucracy than half of our problems will vanish by itself. For that first we need to understand how the bureaucracy works and where exactly lays the problem only then can we solve the problem. To get an insider view of bureaucracy I want to be a civil servant. Why IPS and not IAS? This question is obvious since most of the bureaucratic system revolves around IAS, than why join IPS. Form the childhood I wanted to join the Indian Army however due to above mentioned reason I decided to become a civil servant. Now the job of IPS is somewhat similar to the job of Army and secondly in IPS you get more chance to fight with the system and crime, hence I want to be an IPS officer.

            Playing chess, Reading books and Writing blog are my hobbies. Because of my interest and academic demands I read various subjects like Psychology, Politics, Public Administration, Literature, History, Geography, Economics, Science, Mythology etc. but the thing which  fascinates me most is ‘war stories’. I like everything related to wars including war stories, war films, Biographies of great military commanders and kings, espionage, modern defence technology, weapons and books on war strategy. 

       Mahabharata is my favorite literature. No other literature of world can stand in comparison to Mahabharata. It contains everything love, hate, greed, sacrifice, envy, wisdom, drama, politics, you just name it. Even the greatest text of wisdom 'Bhagwad Gita' is also a part of it. It is rightly said by author of Mahabharata "what is here may be elsewhere, what is not here is nowhere". We not only find people similar to the characters of Mahabharata around us, but we also live every character of Mahabharata at some or the other point of time in our life.

            In spite of being a voracious reader I am not a book worm, in fact I hate book worms. I know the potentials and limitations of books very well. Books can give you information, not knowledge. It is the real life experience, struggles, hardship and lot of failures which can convert it in practical knowledge. Books are like nuclear energy absolutely neutral, whether they are harmful or useful depend on who is reading them. Everything in excess is harmful, even books.

            Now something about my hobby of writing and about my past experiences of public writing. From the childhood I was a good narrator as well as orator. As I grew older I started getting more and more lauds for my speeches and my essays. Of course I liked it (by the way who don’t). As I said earlier I wanted to reform the system for that I wanted to communicate with people to understand their problems and their expectation from the politico-bureaucratic setup. Hence I was in search of a platform where I can communicate with people through my writing. When I was 19 year old some friends advised me to send my articles in newspapers. I liked this advice so I wrote some essays and showed it to friends and teachers, everyone applauded so I was quite confident that I will hit the bull’s eye. I sent those articles to some Gujarati newspapers. When I didn’t got any reply, I inquired about it. The reply I got from one newspaper was you don’t even know that we don’t publish newspaper to print only your article. We have other news too, please write in brief. Than it struck me that in my over excitement I had written a nine page long article. 

          After my first fiasco I was little reluctant to send other articles to any other newspaper, so I decided to take a break from it. Later on one fine day I accidentally meat a publisher and during discussion with him I told him about my studies and all. He told me to write a book about relevance of Kautilya’s Arthashashtra in present administrative system. I wrote a complete book in Gujarati, however due to some other problems that book also remained unpublished. Finally in November 2010 I started this blog as yet another experiment in public writing which clicked well and I am here.

            Many other things could have been written about me like my age, my friends, my family, my native place. My favorite books, favorite films, favorite actors, favorite music.  My nature, my ideals, my experience and many other things but I think this enough for now, as this place is not for righting my autobiography. About all these things I will right separate posts sometime.


  1. HI Bhavin,

    I have read a few ur posts and have observed ur comments on my blog. Definitely you sound like a well read person with a mind of his own.

    There is a great deal of maturity in ur writings, so i assumed that you must be working somewhere and settled.

    Good to know that u r preparing for the civil services examinations. All the best for that.

    I like the changed look and features on ur blog.

    Keep it up!


  2. Thanks for the word of praise.yes it happens many times that those who know me only through my writing assume that I must be an aged person living in his 40s or 50s. In online world you can't really know the personality hiding behind the name.

  3. Hi Bhavin,

    Really like your writings. Would you like to write for nextgenIndia?


    contact us here http://www.nextgenindia.com/write

  4. Hello Bhavin, how are you? I am back after 5 years...

    1. Glad to know that you are back. I too have stopped writing since last few years due to busy schedule. However I still read avidly, Waiting for your blog. Best of luck for this second inning.


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