Comment Policy

            Comments are important for any writer since they let the writer know what people think about his writing. While praising comments play the role of motivator for the author and reward for the blog, critical comment (if given and taken in right perspective) play the role of guide.
            I use Disqus as a comment platform, because it not only gives greater control over comment synchronization but also makes it compulsory to register before commenting. Some people find it annoying but I think it is necessary. Since as an author it’s my right to know who is criticizing or praising me. I don’t bother about harshest of criticism done by a sensible and honest person but I can’t tolerate someone pelting stone while remaining hidden behind the wall. More than anonymous criticisms I hate anonymous praises. One can understand the fear anonymous criticiser but can't understand the mentality of anonymous back patter. 

               People write Bhavin you are great, you are awesome, you are Osama, you are Obama, but they don’t write their name in the comment. As if I am a terrorist, I am a commander of Lashkar-E-Taiyaba or Jaish-E-Muhammad. If it became evident that you applauded my writing than the U.S, the U.N, The Interpol, the N.I.A, the Supreme Court and everyone is going to clamp down on you. You will be banned, bared and convicted under the TADA, the POTA, the MCOCA, the UAPA, the NSA and the Patriot Act. For your assurance I Bhavin Sangoi hereby certify under ISO 9001-2000 that I have no connection with any terrorist organisation and praising or criticizing me openly will not bring any troubles for you, hence please give your identity and contact information while commenting.

          Earlier I had activated comment moderation on my blog in order to avoid vulgar comments. However later on I found that with this benefit of avoiding vulgar and slanderous comments, comment moderation has major side effect of nurturing hypocrisy. I saw that many popular blogs use comment moderation to avoid fair criticism and allow only goody goody comments to show up. 
          I believe that blog as a medium of expression comes in between discussion held on tea stall and that of a court of prince. In case of former anyone and everyone can speak anything and everything, whereas in case of later only favorable remarks have to be made otherwise you suffer the risk of getting beheaded. Discussion on the tea stall may be O.K to ventilate the frustration of clueless mass, but it hardly serves any purpose for enlightened discussion whereas only favorable comment merits to be called as flattery rather than discussion. Hence on my blog people are free to have and show opinion different than my own opinion, they are even free to criticize me but the language used for criticism shouldn’t go as low as it goes during street fights.

              Since I wanted to maintain transparency on my blog, I removed comment moderation. According to the present setting majority of comments (except comments containing links) will show up on this blog without moderation. This exception of moderating comments containing links has been kept in the interest of readers to protect them from links containing harmful virus. Even though I haven’t kept Comment moderation on my blog, I reserve the right to delete comments even after being published if they don’t deserve the merit for being allowed on my blog. Hence before commenting please keep this points in mind.
  •  If the comment is vulgar, slanderous, defaming or vilifying to me or somebody else, it will get deleted.
  • Comments containing mental or verbal defecation (castist remarks, racial comments, falls allegations, abusive language and hate speech) may get partially or fully deleted or can get according treatment.
  • If somebody feels that some comment is abusive and it doesn’t deserve to get published on my blog than one can draw my attention by personally contacting me or by flagging the comment. 
  • My decision and discretion regarding merit of comments in above mentioned three cases will be binding on everyone. Of course I will explain the logic behind such decision and am also open for a review of my decision if somebody can convince me with his/her logic, but nobody can compel me to do anything against my logic, will, and conscience.
  • If somebody has read or written something similar to the issue which I have discussed in my article, the person can leave the link of that article in the comment. However anything irrelevant posted for self bashing might get deleted. 
  • Persons repetitively breaching the rules may be blocked from commenting or their comment can be reserved for moderation every time they comment. 
  • Appearing of comment on this blog doesn't mean that author subscribes to the views expressed in the comments. Views expressed in the comments belong to the respective comment writer and if they are not breaching the rules mentioned here then they can be published here even if the author don't agree with them.
  • If you want to communicate with me privately you can contact me via Contact Form given on this blog or on the E-mail id-
  • I respect your  privacy and hence I assure you that whatever information you share during any communication with me such as your E-mail, IP address, contact number etc. will not be shared with anyone.
  • For long discussion on any issue members can initiate discussion on FB page of this blog. Of course above mentioned rules will apply to the discussion held on FB page also.
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