Wednesday, November 30, 2011

First Blog Anniversary

       In October 2010 when I created this Blog, I didn’t know much about blogging. Because of this I wasn’t sure how much I would be able to sustain in the blogging. Still I decide to go for it because there was no loss in indulging in this experience even if it fails. However I wasn’t even aware how to create blog. So I went to the refuge of Google and asked the same question how to create blog? After all Google is a newly incarnated god of our generation. In fact Google is more merciful than our traditional god because it provides us everything within a faction of second without much penance.

             Google directed me to the where I could create my new blog. I filled up the information asked by it and hurray the blog was born! Destiny has shaped many important decision of my life, choosing BlogSpot as blogging platform was one of them. Although Blogger is not as great as Word press, as it lacks in design, plug-ins and professionalism of Word press but still Blogger is of great use for a novice like me as it is very simple to use. Had it not been so simple to use I would have quit very soon from blogging. 

          After creating a blog it took me few days to learn how to write post, understand various features available on dashboard and inside the blog. Now I started thinking about topic to write my first post. Thousands of ideas flooded my mind out of which, thanks to U.P.A government I finally chose corruption as it is the hottest issue in UPA regime.

           My first post Corruption:The Cancer of India was published on exactly 30th November 2010, that is exactly one year ago. It took me almost one and half month to write my first post as I wasn’t habituated of writing on computer and since this was my first post I was over excited about it, hence I published this post only after editing 4 to 5 times. As you can learn from the length of the article I didn’t want to leave anything related to corruption uncovered hence I wrote very long 2700 words long article. After that I wrote two articles on debacle of India’s intelligence network, that is Intelligence Failure-1 and Intelligence Failure-2. Both these article were as vast as my first article and covered almost all aspect of the issue which I discussed in the post. For this I got some applaud from friends and readers however everyone admonished me against writing too much lengthy article. 

             During same time I read an article on net which said that people have very low attention span online hence it is advisable to write small posts so that people read more posts on your blog and come again to read other posts. I found this advice worth following and decide to reduce the size of my post up to 1500 words without compromising the quality of my post. Although still my post are very long as compared to other blogs but I can't compromise with content in pursuit of writing small article. 

          In last one year 17 posts are published on my blog. Out of which Lokpal to Jan Lokpal became most popular post of my blog. It was recommended by newspaper DNA in its 11th April issue. Another post Government V/S Anna- Caution: danger is ahead written on Anna’s movement was selected for Tangy Tuesday contest of Blogadda. Before that my first and only satire post till now A secret Letter to party high command was also selected for Tangy Tuesday contest. My post Marital Suicide- Causes and Analysis was recommended by Blogadda on Twitter. Incidentally it became my second most popular post. My analysis in this post on the psychology of married woman committing suicide was applauded by my Psychology teacher also. Out of 17 posts ATTITUDINAL CHANGES IN YOUTH - ‘Jiyo Zindagi Yaro! Is guest post written by Dr. Shankar Modak. 

            In this one year I wrote posts on variety of topics like Politics, Defence, Psychology, Terrorism, History, Women’s issues, Social issues and National Issues. Every work has two aspects quality and quantity. I am happy that my readers liked the quality of my content. Till now whatever feedback I have got from the readers via comments, e-mail and ratings they are very satisfying and encouraging for me as a blogger. I know there are some complaints about frequency of posting. In 12 months I have written just 16 posts which means average 1 post per month. Some months have gone bare without any post. This has happened because of my busy schedule due to my own studies and that of my student’s studies. Apart from this my unwell health also created hindrance in the path of regular writing. However this is my new blogging year resolution, from now I will write if not more at least 3 posts per month.

           As I said earlier when I started blogging I didn’t know anything about it but as my knowledge grew about it I have brought many changes in my blog. First of all I shifted from sub domain to custom domain. I changed the name of my blog because I found that the earlier name wasn’t reflecting my own personality and that of my blog. Hence I chose this new name Argumentative Indian, because people says that I argue a lot and this blog is also about my arguments for the cause of better India.

            I have also changed the template of my blog. I have installed few widgets on my blog like recently I installed Apture. Apture provides instantaneous access to information with its in-page search technology. Suppose while reading the post you don’t understand the meaning of any technical word than you just select that word and within a second that meaning of that word, videos and images related to that word will appear in Apture pop-up window. You will also find list of all the posts from my blog in which this word has been used. When you’ll click on any Wikipedia link it will appear in Apture pop-up window. Apart from this I have put E-mail subscription box in the top of sidebar. Through E-mail subscription you can get my new posts directly delivered in your inbox. I have also installed Wibia toolbar on blog. You can see it in bottom, it will help you share posts on social networking sites, and you can read announcements of upcoming articles by clicking on small icon of man near twitter tab.

           I will like to receive your feedback via comments. If you want to give personal feedback, you can send me e-mail or can use contact form in the header. Some time we like the post but we don’t have anything to say. In such case you can let me know your feelings by clicking on comments, when Disqus comment platform opens, you can click on like tab. I have found many people read my blog, but they remain hidden I would be pleased if you join my blog via any social networking platform like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or Google fan widget in the sidebar. 

             Apart from love and respect of readers Blogging has earned me some very good friends in online world, whom perhaps I would have never met had I not started blogging. I also found some very good blog, two of which I would specifically like to mention are Law and Society by Ravi Kumar and My World My Perception by Restless. 

           That’s it for now. Thank you all for your love and support, will try to do much better in next year. Your comments are welcome about your experience with this blog.


  1. Hey congrats and all the best for your future posts......

  2. Congrats Bhavin Sangoi for completing one year in blog sphere,you have very good collection of post on several social issues,which warrants appreciation from one and all,quantity of posts is not important ,quality of post is important.You will attract more serious readers if you persists with good articles.

    Thanks for your appreciation and support for my blog ,even I consider my self a learner in Blog sphere,being social science &Law student ,using is not easy for us.
    Thanks &Regards

  3. Ravi thanks for the wishes and appreciation. I will try my best to persistently maintain the quality of my posts.


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