Wednesday, October 5, 2011


This is a guest post written by Dr. S.K.Modak
Are our educational planners giving some serious thought to the changes in the overall attitude of present day youth towards life? ‘Jiyo Zindagi Yaro’(Enjoy Life Friends!) appears to be the new age philosophy of our youth today. Drastic changes have been noticed in recent years in their approach towards education, career, entertainment and relationships. It is therefore difficult to predict which way they may drift in future.
   Virtual classrooms are replacing the normal lectures. Laptops, e-books, notebooks, i-pads are taking the place of books and notebooks. It appears that no one is interested in writing letters in long hand any more. The art of letter writing seems to be fading away, its place being taken by communication using cell phones, wall posts, social networking sites and status messages. Networking sites are as if competing with each other to entice the youth to chat and remain glued to the internet. Along with films there are a variety of reality shows on television channels these days to provide a different kind of entertainment. Face book, Twitter, Orkut, Netlog have effectively reduced the distances and to give frivolous and short-lived relationships a global dimension. Computers have as if become an addiction giving rise to a variety of body and mind related problems and ailments.

   How are our educationists reacting to this attitudinal transformation? The behavioral changes among the modern youth today have both psychological and sociological implications. The new age boys and girls therefore need to be observed and treated with great care and sympathy. They are intelligent and sensible and are willing to listen, provided the voice that speaks to them is sincere and convincing. They cannot be browbeaten to follow fiats or directives.

   In our country, the governments, both at the center and the states, are in the habit of appointing committees/ commissions to deliberate and make recommendations on a variety of educational problems and issues. Why not appoint one more committee to give serious thought to this qualitatively very different phenomenon of attitudinal change among our youth so as to throw up some new ideas to motivate them towards more fruitful objectives. The youth are very precious for us. They are a powerhouse of energy and enthusiasm and are eager to participate to bring about a change in social fabric. All they need is an inspiring systemic frame which will operate impartially and be free of nepotism and corruption. If we can create a healthy educational environment, our youth can be depended upon to redefine the future of our society and the country. Let us therefore bequeath to them a better educational ambiance.

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