Your vote is precious don’t waste it by giving it to undeserving person

               When we go to market to buy the vegetables we pick the vegetable then we check its color, hardness, its odor and if after checking from all the sides we don’t find it of good quality than we go to another shop, again we repeat the process and keep repeating until we are not satisfied. After being satisfied about quality we bargain for price. With full enthusiasm we argue in front of vendor to save as much money as possible. After being satisfied about various aspects like quality, price, freshness and many other finally we buy the vegetables. Why do we take so much effort to save just few bucks? Because 1) we want to get full value of our money and 2) we don’t want to look full in front of an unknown vendor to buy an inferior or an overpriced product. 

         Perhaps India is the only country in the world where people almost turn into FBI agent when they find Bride or Groom for their Son or Daughter. We give advertisement in newspapers, Community newsletter and websites to find a good match. We ask our relatives, friends and everyone whom we know to suggest good girl or boy. Once we find him/her we do various inquiries about their cast, sub-cast, religion, age, family background, education, Job, financial status, character, nature, locality of residence, compatibility and what not. Since last decade trend of hiring detective agencies to get the complete information has also become in thing. Now people also hack the Facebook account of opposite person (this is latest trend) to know about that persons friends, past relations and actual personality. After doing this all we also don’t forget to match horoscope of boy and girl. Because it’s a question of our beloved ones future, how can we not take every possible precaution to ensure happy married life before binding our darlings in a lifelong bond? 

          When foreigners listen to this they feel astonished because they directly go to mall pick the vegetable and pay the price as written on board. Even in case of marriage they very quickly fall in love or feel attracted toward each other, than they get laid with each other, also become parents and after that if they feel that they can live with each other than they get married otherwise say bye. However in India we do everything with proper planning, we foresee about future from every aspect and then only we take the decision whether it is about buying a vegetable or bringing a bride for son. After all India is a great Country we own great culture, great traditions, great rituals, and great people everything is great here. 

         But wait, I have a small confusion in my mind which I want to put in front of you before issuing a certificate of excellence to Incredible India. If we are so great, intelligent and foresight full people than why we are toiling in poverty, suffering rampant corruption, weighing inefficient bureaucracy and are crushed by hyper inflation. Now I am not in a mood to produce statistics about all this, but do I really need to give any data? Don’t we have enough personal experience about it, especially in last few years? When I did some brainstorming in order to find the answer of this question I realized that among other reasons our criminal negligence about electing good people has also been responsible for it.

  •    153 M.P’s in present Loksabha are facing criminal charges, 74 among them are facing severe cases.

  •        From coal mines of Jharkhand to Commonwealth of Delhi and mine allocation in Karnataka to Spectrum allocation at center everywhere scams of trillions and Zillions of  ` are coming out.

  •     It costs approximately 23,000 ` to run the parliament every single minute and yet every now and then working parliament is disrupted.

  •          M.P’s and M.L.A’s who are considered to be representatives of this great country show behavior worse than vendors of fish market in parliament.

  •          Our so called Mr. clean P.M can’t even find a single clean man out of this country of 1170 million great people to become C.V.C of India.

  •        Terrorists like Afzhal and Kasab are getting five star treatments and common man of this country is dying in bomb blasts like mosquitoes.

  •         They ban films, books, paintings, dramas, peaceful demonstration and every other activity for their parochial politics and we burst out our frustration in TV screens while watching news channels.

            We always blame politicians for pathetic situation of nation (of course they are) but aren’t we also responsible to similar extent that we elect such corrupt, criminal and inefficient people to parliament and legislative assemblies which is known to be a temple of democracy. We buy vegetables after checking it 10 times, but we elect M.P without even checking ones. We do lot of research before our son or daughter's marriage but don ’t even have basic information about person and party whom we give our vote. If former is a question of our children’s future than isn’t latter is a matter of whole nation’s future. Isn’t it strange that we know the value of every single penny we don’t know the value of our vote. We won’t allow anyone to ruin future of our child but we allow greedy vultures to ruin the future of our nation. If it is our responsibility to find a good companion for our children, than it is also our responsibility to elect honest, efficient and expert people to rule the country. We bargain with vendor because we don’t want to look fool in front of a unknown vendor but but what about politicians who are making us fools since last 60 years. 

             Because of this reason I thought as a responsible citizen of this country I should do something. However, since I am a student and I have other responsibilities too, I can’t run a movement like Anna Hazare but at least we can spread awareness about this through whatever possible means we have. Because of my academic background I have some knowledge about political condition of this country hence I started this Cause to spread awareness and share the knowledge about political reforms. 

What are the objectives of this Cause

  •         To make people aware about the value of their precious vote.

  •          To inform and educate people about their political rights.

  •          To share various tips like do’s and don’ts during election.

  •       To create a platform to share experience of people about their M.Ps and  M.L.As.

  •       To initiate healthy discussion on political reforms.

       Friends you can join the Cause by the widget on the top of sidebar. I am inviting all the readers of this blog to join this cause and invite others too. However my primary aim is not only to increase the number of members rather I want your active participation through discussion, tips, suggestion, sharing of experience and through whatever other means you can render your support for this Cause.


  1. Hi, so this is the cause you want to spread awareness about. In fact, I would add that people should go out and vote. That should be the first thing they can do for themselves. In urban India, people don't even bother to vote. and that's a reality. I had been a small part of the electoral process, so i can say that.

    Secondly, do we Indians have a choice? if i don't vote for A, do i have a better B? That's the question. In fact, u too have said it...criminilization of politics.

    I appreciate your initiative for the cause close to your heart.


  2. you are right in politics people really don't have choice. Now look at the case of Tamilnadu There, people were given a very difficult choice between Karunanidhi and Jaya Lalita.But politicians doesn't come from Mars or Venus, they represent our society which is equally corrupt. I have mentioned it in my first post "corruption the cancer of India". We 'll need to fight hard to reform the society as well as politics. First step in this struggle is, in urban areas people should come out to vote and in rural areas people should stop voting on Cast and religion lines.


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